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Corporate Wellness

Pilates is a wonderful addition to any corporate wellness programme and can help to promote a healthier lifestyle. A happier and heathier employee leads to improved productivity and less absenteeism.

Employees sitting at desks or standing for long periods of time can suffer from poor posture, numerous back issues or foot and leg problems.  


Your employees can benefit from the body awareness that pilates practice brings and will be able to utilise the pilates principles in their everyday activities. Practicing pilates regularly can increase strength, improve flexibility and mobility, relieve stress and develop a strong healthy posture.

Pilates is ideal for the workplace as it can be practiced by almost anyone and it can be practised almost anywhere – you just need a space big enough for some mats. Sessions are run in 6 weekly blocks and participants can either book by the block or on a PAYG basis (minimum numbers required).  Bourn-Fit Pilates offers classes over the lunchtime period and can either be 45 minutes or 60 minutes long and each class is taught by a fully qualified and insured pilates instructor.

Options are available for employee contributory or non-contributory classes. A secure page can be designed on the bourn-fit website for employees to book online to make it a seamless and easy booking process.  




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